The first background for you

Yes, lucky you! I've made my first background for you. I've made this with CuddleBeez Scraps' Kit Kids Stuff. It's a really fun kit and I really like the colouring. Here's a preview for you. If you want it let me know and I will send you the link to download it.
Easy Peasy
Original size: 1600x1280 px

To use the background you need to have a blogspot blog, I'm not sure if it works in other blogs actually... And to use the minima template. This background is made for a two column blog. If you want to know how to put it on your blog please go to this tutorial and scroll down to where the tutorial how to make your own background is over and the uploading part starts. I'm really bad at explaining so...

However, I would not use Photobucket as they recommend since they have a file limit at 1mb and most of my backgrounds will be larger than that. I use fileden myself. It lets you upload up to 50 mbs per file. If you want a tutorial in Swedish go to this great site.

I will look into how to make a HTMLcode to put in a gadget as TCBOTB does, and some of the other free background sites I have seen.

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